Our next opening day is Saturday 3/8. 

Welcome to TrainGamia

TrainGamia is a new family-friendly event where you can compete to be the best train driver - while controlling a model train on a 21 m2 layout.
Players get points for missions and XP (young children get "virtual stickers" instead). 
6 players can play at a time and there is a screen with hi-scores - can you beat your friends?
You can play on many levels: From super easy to extremely hard.
Children must be about 6 years old to play and the game can be played in English or Danish.
TrainGamia is a fun activity wether you love trains or not - and it is very suitable for Teambuiling.

Watch the Video "What is TrainGamia?"

Pictures from TrainGamia

Opening Hours

IMPORTANT: Please always check here on the day of your visit in case of changes.

Also Important: If your visit in Copenhagen does not allign with our opening hours, send os an email and ask about a specific day. We often have company events on weekdays and can arrange a visit before or after such an event.

Sunday 14. July                            CLOSED!  
Saturday 20. July                        CLOSED!  
Sunday 21. July                            CLOSED!  
Saturday 27. July                        CLOSED!  
Sunday 28. July                           CLOSED!  
Saturday 3. August                   11:00-17:00
Sunday 4. August                     11:00-17:00
Saturday 10. August                 12:30-17:00
Sunday 11. August                     11:00-17:00
Saturday 17. August                  11:00-17:00
Sunday 18. August                     11:00-17:00
Saturday 24. August                  11:00-17:00

Sunday 25. August                      CLOSED!  


For booking (inside or outside of regular hours) please see the "Contact" section below.

Prices in DKK



½ Hour gametime


1 Hour gametime


1½ Hour gametime


2 Hours gametime


½ Hour extra after 2 hours


Deposit for Game-Card


Group Event per hour

Rent TrainGamia outside normal opening hours
(2 hours recommened, max. 12 persons)


Practial Information

Please bring headphones with a 3,5mm mini-jack connector, if you have a set. Otherwise you can buy or rent them at TrainGamia.

You can pay with creditcard when arriving.


If you arrive by car you can use the Q-Park parking area at the side and at the rear of the building. Remember to get a free license at the terminal on the stairway.
Parking inside the yard is not allowed .


If you plan to visit Copenhagen and TrainGamia from abroad, we recommend the "Go Hotel CITY" just 100 meters down the street. If you book a visit to TrainGamia in advance, we can book your stay for you at a reduced rate. Contact us at info@TrainGamia.dk for more information.

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Group-events outside of normal opening hours can be booked via email:


If you want to be sure to get to play during normal opening hours, you can send us a mail and book
a timeslot at least one day before your visit. Your booking needs to be confirmed before it is valid. 



Lergravsvej 57

2300 Copenhagen, Denmark

400m from the Metro station "Øresund"